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25 secrets to creating enormous business value

adminbmt November 25, 2013

Here are the Secrets

  1. When you want to sell an idea to the top management, speak the language of management – MONEY
  2. Lock the monetary opportunity into the strategic plan
  3. Set global goals with local capabilities
  4. Get the COMMITMENT first. A change in BEHAVIOUR will follow.
  5. Inefficiencies in processes are the hatcheries of waste.
  6. Waste translated into COST OF POOR QUALITY can be a thundering alarm.
  7. A low failure rate can disguise a high COST of POOR QUALITY
  8. Quality has two arms: product / service features and freedom from deficiencies.
  9. CUSTOMER FOCUS is no longer a choice.
  10. Strategic goals should be simply and clearly articulated.
  11. Measurement is required in order to control and improve.
  12. Leaders walk their talk.
  13. CHRONIC problems tend to become cultural issues.
  14. CHALLENGE every norm.
  15. See the problem with your own eyes.
  16. Earn the TRUST of workers / employees with leadership actions.
  17. LISTEN to the voice of workers / employees.
  18. A VISION is a snapshot of what you wish to become.
  19. There are four levels of planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational and Budgeting.
  20. Strategic planning is a vision deployment exercise.
  21. For strategic planning, we must schedule our priorities
  22. For operational planning, we must prioritise our schedule.
  23. Leaders must take FULL accountability for planning.
  24. Execution can be delegated.
  25. Treat your people with DIGNITY.

These and many more were discovered, created and used by Suresh Lulla, a practitioner of quality and excellence over the past 45 years to create business value worth Rs. 17,500 crores for his client organisations across the world.
And as you realise, these SECRETS are no more secrets.
They are now yours to use and benefit from. In fact, Suresh Lulla is going to share a lot more as an expert and facilitator on an online learning course – PROBLEM SOLVING FOR MANAGERS.
The course will take you through a journey of one of the most important methods of creating value – Problem Solving. The journey starts on December 2, 2013.
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