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5 Reasons Why Social Media Won’t Stop Being a Hit

adminbmt November 8, 2013

Social Media is creating such a huge impact in the world today, both of the normal plane and the cyber plane. No doubt, it has made a difference in the way people see and perceive relationships and how they give certain precedence to daily activities. Why social media won’t stop being a hit is not at all surprising, given the following benefits they bring:

Relationship Building. Social media provides an opportunity to build and rebuild relationships. It enables even long lost friends and relatives to find each other, and provides an easier means of communication among those who are looking to make new friends and build a stronger network. Social media sites are attracting millions of people from all walks of life, individuals who have a common goal of connecting with loved ones or strangers or both. Man, by nature, is not an island, as the saying goes. He/she is not a solitary being, and so driven by the need to communicate, man will be constantly looking for means to get in touch or stay touch. By this alone, it’s already pretty obvious that social media sites will be here for a long time.

Information. Social media keeps you updated of what is going on in and around the world, or even just right in your own neighborhood. There’s a wealth of information that can be gleamed from social media sites. Sports, entertainment, current news and so on – all these you can receive updates about.

Marketing. Social media can also serve as a tool for businessmen to make their products known to a large group of people. Let’s not forget, there are millions (close to billions, in fact) of people in social media sites. In these modern times, it seems wiser to make use of social media networks when advertising your product to target consumers. And with sites like these making it possible for consumers to leave comments and suggestions, businessmen are able to determine if their products are hitting the right market or not.

Recruitment. Social media sites benefit employers too. They can very well take advantage of social media in publishing their need for manpower as well as in scouring profiles of applicants. Almost everyone is online these days, making the recruitment process loads easier.

Sharing. Social media makes sharing of virtually anything (from triumphs to tragedies) faster and easier, so all the more that you know why social media won’t stop being a hit especially in this fast-moving generation. You can upload photos, videos and documents about anything under the sun, and then share them with your friends in the network. Social media sites can convert into an online journal, tool where you can post random thoughts and feelings and let the rest of the world know about these if you want them to.

As you can see, social media benefits everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or not, a career-person or a work-at-home mom, an employer or a jobseeker, a supervisor or a subordinate, you can use social media to your advantage.

Social media has made the world smaller, and world here does not refer only to the virtual environment but the physical environment. Social media has really changed the way we live and the way we connect to others. Not only that, there are times when it makes one feel liberated and gives one a sense of power to control and shape his/her virtual world inside the social media network. And because it caters to one of the simplest and most basic of human needs, that is, the need to communicate, you know why social media won’t stop being a hit – ever.

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