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adminbmt December 26, 2017

So throughout your life till this moment you have learnt. Learnt the skills to survive and also weave a safe path towards your goals; And yet wondering. Is this the final goal? Achieving goal to everyone’s utter surprise is beyond the realms of learning….it is unlearning in the garb of learning. Nan-in, a Japanese master… Continue Reading »


‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’

adminbmt December 26, 2017

Have you been witness to the following situation in your workplace? Team member speaks of things like: “We just do not have what it takes. It will not work out for us. We are more involved with internal politics and lack initiative. We are always behind and late in responding to competition. Our leaders just… Continue Reading »


Building OAR (Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility)

adminbmt December 26, 2017

Most of the organisations are forever striving to build a culture of accountability. The advantages of building such a culture are not unknown to any. Very important factors which go hand in hand with accountability are ownership and responsibility. This would make a complete OAR which will sail the organisations further smoothly. Building culture around… Continue Reading »



adminbmt December 15, 2017

The questions on the mind of most IT professionals lately are ” Is the IOT revolution really going to happen in India? ” “How many Automation Job positions are Companies really hiring for?” ” Is all the noise about IOT , Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics  being  the jobs of the future really true?” The answer… Continue Reading »


Changes to look out for in SAFE ® 4.5 version

adminbmt July 28, 2017

The SAFe® 4.5 version is a result of intense research from countless implementations, feedback from customers and various communities, advancements made in the realm of the areas of knowledge that SAFe® has been built upon. The new version,  that is SAFe® 4.5 comes with a promise of being leaner, increasingly Agile, and capable of being… Continue Reading »


Top certifications of 2017

adminbmt March 30, 2017

Certifications help in increasing your credibility in the job sphere. It also enhances your skill set which obviously would have a positive impact on your professional life. It is therefore a must to know the certifications you need to apply for and which are the updated courses available. This article would provide you a list… Continue Reading »

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