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Building OAR (Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility)

adminbmt December 26, 2017

Most of the organisations are forever striving to build a culture of accountability. The advantages of building such a culture are not unknown to any. Very important factors which go hand in hand with accountability are ownership and responsibility. This would make a complete OAR which will sail the organisations further smoothly.

Building culture around accountability sans ownership and responsibility further complicates the culture. To get a better clarity we must understand the difference among these three.

Accountability is something which is assigned to an individual as per the role and the task. A goal is directed by the organisation as per the need. This is very important as this paves the way to success and the goal setting is very important for this. In actuality, the task is still owned by the person who has given the task. The task is defined with the proper path and metrics. The person who is assigned then takes the responsibility to achieve it as per the goal and the directions give. So, accountability is given by others and responsibility becomes an off shoot of this exercise.

These two get accomplished when this is supported by ownership. Ownership is not given and is not pert of the package. It is taken. It is in built. It happens when the employee comes forward with motivation stemming from inside.

Accountability and Responsibility mean, “You will” and Ownership means, “I will”. All have to go together. The leaders should be able to make a person accountable and responsible. The person should be charged up to take the ownership on his/her own.

These cannot be mandated. These need to be cultivated. It begins by ensuing a culture wherein the people are identifying themselves the mission and intent of the organisation.

This would ensure that the people start owning the outcomes and not the activities. The ultimate outcome becomes paramount. They want to be empowered enough to seek for opportunities to do, learn so that the achieve success to fulfil their purpose, which in the end gives a boost to the organisation.

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