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Leadership Development – A Need for a Paradigm Shift

adminbmt November 8, 2013

Over the last decade or so, economic developments in India have put the focus on how to prepare leaders to manage in our growing economy. Based on a recent India Leadership Forecast study done by DDI, the primary business priorities for organizations in India, according to their top executives, are growth and leveraging their talent…. Continue Reading »


Preparing for the future: Succession Planning

adminbmt November 7, 2013

Succession planning is a process of identifying and developing current employees with the potential to fill key leadership or high-stakes positions in an organization. As a formal concept for talent development, succession planning has high relevance in a competitive market. Through succession planning, Human Resources works in tandem with top management to select, train and… Continue Reading »


Leadership: A Call for Acknowledgement and Uniqueness

adminbmt November 7, 2013

Thank goodness for uniqueness!  Some of us tend to think that there is only one kind of leader.  And, if we could define each of the qualities or competencies of a good leader, we could locate these leaders with these particular competencies, and place them where they are needed throughout the organization.  Great…job done!  Leadership… Continue Reading »


What can be learnt about Leadership?

adminbmt October 22, 2013

Leadership is basically quoted as the social influence of one person to motivate and direct a large group of personnel to successfully work towards the achievement of a common goal. Since the evolvement of various and complex social structures, leadership is deemed to be a vital area which requires par excellence to succeed. The search… Continue Reading »


Can leadership be imparted through training?

adminbmt September 26, 2013

Leadership quality and skills are highly in demand in today’s competitive world for any successful business. For some, leadership is a born trait but for many to acquire the skills and quality of leadership is driven by career growth and that is linked with the organization’s success. Some individuals by default have the required confidence… Continue Reading »

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