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Top certifications of 2017

adminbmt March 30, 2017

Certifications help in increasing your credibility in the job sphere. It also enhances your skill set which obviously would have a positive impact on your professional life. It is therefore a must to know the certifications you need to apply for and which are the updated courses available. This article would provide you a list… Continue Reading »


Best IT certifications – 2016

adminbmt January 23, 2016

IT industry is changing day by day as new techniques evolved and more aggressive products and services overtake lesser ones. If you plant to stick to your old certifications, then it is a big mistake. The industry moves forward with many new programs sprouting up every year. This articles discusses some of the highlighted ones… Continue Reading »


Importance of business analysis for company growth

adminbmt June 4, 2014

Ranks 8th position in the world’s highest paid professions. A basic and initial step before and after the business is analyzing. It is a kind of research where predictions plays a crucial role, predicting future based on the past experiences and failures if any. The main concept in business analysis is to identify the needs… Continue Reading »


A 21st Century Tool-Psychometric Assessments

adminbmt November 8, 2013

Psychometric assessments: Square pegs -Round holes Many business managers wonder if all the hype surrounding psychometric testing is just that marketing hype. While not all state it but they do wonder if the money they invest on employee profiling using psychometric tests is worth the money it costs. My sympathies are with them as in… Continue Reading »


5 key soft skills trainings in India

adminbmt September 17, 2013

Soft skills have truly been a major factor in determining the candidature of a person for an assigned job. So, if you are looking for a job and wish to rock the interview board, you need to sharpen your soft skills. More to this, any organisation, whose area of service requires a regular face-to-face interaction… Continue Reading »


What about Mobile Learning?

adminbmt September 17, 2013

The ultimate form of mobile revolution is here with a bang! 7 out of every 10 people of the world today carry this communication gadget in their individual pockets. With this growing trend, mobile phones are today emerging as a powerful learning tool. As the modern day mobile phones perform at par with that of… Continue Reading »

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