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Dynamics CRM in Contact Center Helps Customer Retention

adminbmt November 8, 2013

In several instances Microsoft CRM has come to the rescue of organizations when the esteemed customers were getting out of their basket into competitors net. In fact now, contact service centers are equipped with high technology gadgets and skilled employees are the last resort to any organization in the process of customer retention. Once, the company fails back in the race of products and services and  the marketing department unable to track the defects, contact centers fitted with Microsoft CRM have become most effluent tools to string customers to the  customer’s basket

Customer attrition is most common in organizations and this is a part of the customer behavior if negative impression gets established on products and services or change in the lifestyle. The customer may change the course of action but a fair and healthy conversation with the customer can retain a relationship. Agents in call centers can convince customers with the professional skill-sets, and Microsoft CRM standard procedures can streamline the customer issues. If the total information about the consumer calls are stapled at one place, the agent can update the issue and try to resolve in a skillful manner. The customer’s previous conversations may comprise of e-mails, verbal chats, sms or any other mode of communication. This data can help agent to determine the right action and mostly confirm risk-customer retention to the positive side.

The analytic part of the Dynamics CRM 2011 can help agents in drawing the analysis of customer’s lifetime value and  also judge accurately the workflow aspects of customer service till date. Any errors committed on the part of the company can be set right and mistakes on the customer’s side can be patiently explained without hurting them.

Reactive “win-back” programs with CRM tools can set off excellent results and for that matter, it will certainly increase the customer satisfaction and bring down reduction in cost. So, it becomes impertinent for any company to provide an effective Dynamics CRM 2011 to agents for favorable results. And for the critical success factor in the customer retention programs, management must address agents issues as well.

Management must hire the right people at retention program. Train the employees thoroughly about the CRM process both for incoming and outgoing calls. The empowered agents must be equipped with the right applications and tools. Through the process of the retention program, it is important that the organization provides sufficient support and motivate the agents. For every retention of long life value customers, an organization must reward agents and incentives on time. Deployment of right CRM software and skilled agents can optimize customer base efficiently.


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