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Facilitating Incessant Improvement with ITIL

adminbmt November 7, 2013

One of the major benefits, if not THE ONLY benefit of having process orientated approach with ITIL towards managing your IT services and infrastructure is that it facilitates never-ending improvement.

In simple words, it means to continuously set high-standards of improvement for your organizational processes. Just the way we are never satisfied with our life’s current state of affairs, we always want something more and better; in similar manner,we should never be completely satisfied with the current state of our organizational processes and always strive to improve the services.

The reason why ITIL facilitates continuous improvement is that it allows you to start measuring everything you do. For this purpose, it is so important to record everything. Usually, people delay or don’t do documentation while they have more important tasks to attend to like fixing a critical server. Unfortunately it usually takes a while to realize these benefits which make it even more difficult to get the technical staff recording the tasks. There are of course several positive ways of getting them to do it.

Once everyone sees the benefits and has begun to pursue a strict process and recording everything they do, they can start measuring their achievements. By measuring it, you can make informed decisions and take actions to improve it. Thus, benefiting the IT Service Management.


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