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One Step At a Time While Following The ITIL Road

adminbmt November 7, 2013

While pursuing the ITIL road, it may seem like an intimidating mission; because of work pressure and the long path of the whole ITIL Suite to pursue in order to reach the highest Maturity level. To add to this woe constraints of resources make it seem overwhelming task ahead. This is where persistence comes in to play. Like the saying goes: “One may walk over the highest mountain by taking one step at a time”. Therefore, you just need to plan your path judiciously in order to reach the Maturity mountain top!! (With the help of ITIL mountaineering gadgets)

The key is to start with something small and keep on going without stopping. There is no one giant step that does it. There are lots of little steps. Certifications play an important role to this journey to attain Maturity peaks. You can start by aiming for one certification at a time. Certifications can serve as echelons. There is wide range of certification offered by ITIL, suiting specific requirements, Lifecycle, Capability and Combination. One can implement the learnings from the certification and justify the benefits to the organization.

Implementing ITIL is not an overnight process but a phased one. So start with the process one has learned and implement it. See the pros and cons of it. Use multiple PDCA cycles to improve further. Break it down even further by restricting it to only certain departments or some sections of the IT infrastructure.

You have to set milestones in your ITIL project plan and then keep to it. It is also very important to build quick wins into your plan. If you can start to show benefits at an early stage, it will keep staff, including yourself motivated instead of feeling, as I mentioned earlier, like being daunted while pursuing the ITIL road.

You just need to begin from somewhere, no matter how small; it will also give you a chance to put theory into practice. Then it will only help you to discern what works and what does not. The sooner you take your first step towards this long ITIL path, the sooner you will realize benefits and get more support (and resources) from the business. Just remember to start at the beginning which is to put the human resources in place and then train them. For example, if you start with Problem management, get the Incident Manager on board right from the start. Send him on a formal ITIL course on ITILv3 Foundation and then Intermediate Capability OSA module so that valuable input can be given during the preparation phase. This approach ensures that the responsible person for making the process happen buys in right from the start.

To sum it all, set milestones; plan your ITIL Project; keep pursuing further ITIL Certifications, thereby implementing your learnings progressively and doing all of this by taking one step at a time to attain the maturity peak towards this long path of ITIL.


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