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Role of Social Media for SEO

adminbmt November 8, 2013

Social Media and SEO are often classified as different aspects of internet marketing. As most marketers know however, these two components complement each other, allowing you to reach better results with each marketing campaign. To understand this further, lets’ take a good look at Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Components

There are basically three elements of SEO that serve as the groundwork for everything else. We’ve got content or any on-page SEO action, off-page SEO action which refers to back links and lastly – social signals. Social signals are where social media comes in with reference to SEO. You actually encounter this everyday and may even be part of it.

What is Social Signal?

This refers to the “likes” and “shares” found in content today. Essentially, more “like” and “shares” means a better ranking with search engines.

Google is actually the first one to confirm this factor for calculating page rank. Upon the introduction of Google+, they are putting more emphasis on people recommending and liking content and factoring it in overall search engine ranking. Note though that the number of likes is just one variable – the source of the content is also taken into account. Other elements of social signals that are taken into account include:

Number of followers in Twitter
Number of brand mentions in Twitter, Facebook and other websites
Number of Facebook brand likes
Number of people you are linked to in different websites (Google+, LinkedIn)

For example, a Zumba enthusiast may upload a tutorial video and get 100,000 likes. A Zumba instructor does the same thing and gets the same amount of likes. Google would put more importance on the Zumba instructor because of the individual’s “reputation” within the niche. Hence, it’s not just about the numbers but your clout as well. In essence, Social Signals does have a big impact on SEO ranking – but it’s not the only one.

How to Improve your Social Status

What’s great about the social status SEO factor is that everyone can do it. The Social Media is specially designed for easy use, therefore allowing you to work on the marketing campaign without really hiring an expert for the job. Here are some tips on how to boost your SEO ranking through social media.

Open Different Accounts – don’t just dwell on Facebook. There’s also Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and various other sites that could be optimized for business purposes. Don’t forget to open a Google+ account since this is one of the basis for Google.

Link Them – make it easier for you by synchronizing different accounts with each other. For example, Twitter and Instagram can be linked with Facebook, allowing you to update all three with just a push of a button. Site like can help you to achieve that goal.

Optimize Content – blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogspot automatically come with features for social signals. You’ll find that they have the “like” button and the “share” button which makes it easy to boost the reach of your content and products. If these features aren’t available, make sure to optimize the website for social signals.

Ask People to Share and Like– the secret for a high market reach is to provide something worth sharing and ASK people to do it. If the information is something that is funny, though provoking or useful – the viewers will have no problem letting others find out about it. The same goes for “liking” a post.

The role of social media in SEO is an inescapable fact that is growing bigger by the second. Don’t be left out and start building your followers right now to get ahead of the competition. Combined with other SEO strategies, the chances of landing within the top pages is highly likely.


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