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Supply Chain Management

adminbmt October 21, 2013


When you think of fields where there just aren’t enough skilled candidates to go around, one that probably doesn’t come to mind is supply chain management. Described in a recent article in Fortune magazine, it is the complicated, behind-the-scenes job of getting goods from one place to another, on time and on budget. Simple.

Supply Chain Management Concept
When you look deeper, Supply Chain Management is based on two core ideas. The first is that practically every product that reaches an end user represents the cumulative effort of multiple organizations. These organizations are referred to collectively as the supply chain.

The second idea is that while supply chains have existed for a long time, most organizations have only paid attention to what was happening within their “four walls.” Few businesses understood, much less managed, the entire chain of activities that ultimately delivered products to the final customer. The result was disjointed and often ineffective supply chains.

Supply chain management, then, is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Management Defined

As per US-based Institute of Supply Management’s (ISM), it is: “The identification, acquisition, access, positioning, management of resources and related capabilities the organization needs or potentially needs in the attainment of its strategic objectives.”
Career Scope of Supply Chain Management
It’s the one of the fastest growing domains and companies are looking for good SCM professionals. With the right certifications (mentioned below) from a globally recognized institute increases the career prospects manifold – like international placements and higher salaries.

Components of Supply Management
ISM’s field research has established these 14 components in the scope of supply management  integration:
1.    Disposition/Investment Recovery
2.    Distribution
3.    Inventory Control
4.    Logistics
5.    Manufacturing Supervision
6.    Materials Management
7.    Packaging
8.    Procurement/Purchasing
9.    Product/Service Development
10.    Quality
11.    Receiving
12.    Strategic Sourcing
13.    Transportation/Traffic/Shipping
14.    Warehousing/Stores

Global SCM Bodies & their Certifications

1.    Institute for Supply Management
The Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) is the largest supply management association in the world as well as one of the most respected. ISM is a not-for-profit association that provides opportunities for the promotion of the profession and the expansion of professional skills and knowledge. Founded in 1915, ISM’s mission is to lead the supply management profession through its standards of excellence, research, promotional activities, and education. ISM’s membership base includes more than 40,000 supply management professionals with a network of domestic and international affiliated associations.
Certifications by ISM

•    Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) Program
Launched in may 2008, it meets the demands of the international marketplace with multi-faceted skills in areas such as finance, supplier relationship management, organizational global strategy and risk compliance

•    Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity™ (CPSD™) Program
It’s a new professional designation for supply management professionals whose responsibilities include supplier diversity. This designation also delivers added value to business leaders and other team leaders who participate in the development of diverse supplier initiatives within the organization.

•    Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) Program
The Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) designation is no longer available for testing and is in recertification-only status. Individuals already holding the A.P.P. designation may still apply for reaccreditation.

2.     The Association for Operations Management (APICS)
Another well-known body is APICS. The Association for Operations Management (APICS) is the global leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in operations management, including production, inventory, supply chain, materials management, purchasing, and logistics. Started in 1957, it offers training, internationally recognized certifications, comprehensive resources, and worldwide network of accomplished industry professionals.

•  APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) Program               Since 1973, the APICS CPIM program has educated more than 90,000 professionals about essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related operations management. It provides an in-depth approach to understand and evaluate production and inventory activities within a company’s global operations. It is preferred by employers worldwide and popular with students.

•  APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) Program
The APICS CSCP designation is probably the most widely recognized educational program designed for operations and supply chain management professionals around the world.

Suggested References:

Following are some useful web sites for additional information and reference:



  • Supply Chain Management Best Practices (Wiley Best Practices): David Blanchard
  • Building High Performance Business Relationship: Douglas M. Lambert
  • Supply Chain Excellence: A Handbook for Dramatic Improvement Using the SCOR Model: Peter Bolstorff
  • Essentials of Supply Chain Management, 2nd Edition: Michael H. Hugos


What is Supply Chain Management? (ASU-WPC-SCM):

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