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The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media Marketing Dashboard

adminbmt November 8, 2013

The use of social media has dramatically increased when it comes to enhancing business visibility. Aside from traditional marketing strategies like print, television, radio and the like, social media is another avenue by which products or services can be seen or heard. Through the use of such powerful avenue, it is not impossible to place your company onto the next level.

Why social media?

Obviously, millions of people are using the Internet for basically one reason–to acquire information. This is primarily the reason why numerous companies try to place their business online with the aim of increasing their presence and acquiring a larger network.

The aforementioned basically states the rationale behind the use of social media when it comes to marketing your products or services. Where else can you find millions of people instantly with just one click? Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and other social sites allows you to reach people, even those who are on the other side of the planet.

However, with various ways to increase your online visibility, it is quite difficult to manage such things. Of course, you won’t just settle for one site; for you to enjoy business visibility at its finest, you have to maximize the resources around you. This ideology presents consequences that when unmanaged, may result to company failure.

How can I manage Social Media as a tool in promoting my company?

While it is true that managing social media web sites can be quite taxing, there are ways on how to deal with this. It’ll be easier to manage things through the use of a social media marketing dashboard.

What is a Social Media Marketing Dashboard?

Social Media Marketing Dashboard is a tool used to keep your social accounts within just one place. With a social media dashboard, you’ll be able to simplify the technical aspect of having various social media accounts and you’ll have the convenience of going from one network to another.

Benefits of Using a Social Media Dashboard

You need to keep up with social media’s pace and a social dashboard tool can help you with that. Changes happen every now and then and with the help of this tool, you’ll be able to track all these things as well as what is in trend in the social media world.

It allows you to divide responsibilities among your team members and basically keep track of the performance of the group. Hence, it’s not just an efficient tool but it also promotes unity and cooperation from your team.

Social media dashboards give you the possibility of understanding the positive and negative effects of your various marketing campaigns that shall help you create the one that is right for you.

The use of a dashboard is very efficient and with numerous third party applications that can cater to your needs, you have to know which would work best for you. Here are two of the well-known social media applications that can address your needs regarding dashboard tools.



Creates custom reports; dashboards are also customizable. Contains dashboards that are configurable.
Lets you integrate Facebook ideas, Google Analytics and a lot more. Allows you to acquire Social Media Metrics from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Analytics.
Contains analytical tools that can measure statistics that can be transformed to into the company’s strengths. Retrieves analytical data and immediately transforms it to perceptive results.
Lets you acquire an overview of your account in Twitter since it’s the official partner in the Twitter Certified Analytics Program You can compare webpage and fan page performance.

These two basically contains a lot of similarities with each other yet they also have their distinct features. You just have to be aware of such in choosing which one is the best tool for you.


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