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Triple your learning to double your income

adminbmt November 8, 2013

Are you willing to do an honest assessment for yourself?

Exactly, where do you stand in your career today and how do you see your career folding out from now on?

Is it what you had thought or dreamt about or wanted it to be?

Did you get your dream responsibilities and rewards?

Are you happy?

Then there is no time to lose.

If you are truly serious about going to the next level and fulfilling your goals, you will have to start preparing for starting not just today but now.

And the biggest contributor to the process of preparation is going to be your learning.

Not just learning to do your current job better but also learning to do the next job (that you want) now.

It has been famously said, “If you want to double your income, triple the amount of your learning”.

To set your career on a faster track of growth and success, invest in learning.

Here is what I suggest.

1. What kind of learning?
As managers and senior executives in management positions what you will be valued most for is the ability to create value as well as provide insights and ideas leading to further creation of value.

Now this can be accomplished fairly easily when you have a comprehensive understanding of your business and its value drivers.

Not to mention that you need to be good at interpreting and using financial numbers to drive your business decisions. Ultimately, that is what your business gets measured in.

You may not be from a management education background but that is fine. It is a good time to add to your skills and knowledge now!

2. How – A lot of learning takes place within your work environment and if you have supporting colleagues and seniors, there is nothing better than that.

But unfortunately that does not seem to be the norm. Work environment at most times provides us learning opportunities in a limited scope.

So, how do you fill the gaps?
There are several resources, books, and courses (both offline and online) that will provide the required inputs along with the practice at your work.

3. Mentor – Get a mentor who will help you walk the bylanes, hold you in difficult times, challenge you always and help you see the way when none is visible. A great mentor increases your worth several times over.

It is not the time to wait. It is the time to take action.
Make yourself so compelling that you become destiny’s choice for success.


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