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You are a victim of your lizard brain?

adminbmt November 8, 2013

Did you even know that you had a lizard brain? Sounds scary? Who wants a lizard inside their brain?

The lizard brain is that part of our brain which creates all stimuli such as anger, fear, laughter, nervousness, passion and desire. These are the reptile or primary instincts.

So, when you see a snake, the lizard brain immediately signals fear.

Seth Godin, a marketing genius, in one of his blog posts, calls it the “resistance”, the reason for not doing, delaying, fear and compromising.

So, if ever you have felt divided between options or making a decision or doing work that meant something to you, you were the victim of your lizard brain.

We are usually over consumed by this lizard brain or resistance, having huge impact on us and our work.

Typically, how lizard brain works and the consequences it could have:

Lizard Brain reaction Consequence
you see or hear an unhappy customer and think how to get rid of her not creating happy customers
would this idea really work? not pushing your product or service idea
starting up on my own is very risky. what if i don’t succeed? not taking bold decisions
as soon as you get up you have a million butterflies in your stomach and a storm on your face not making great presentations
i cannot do it! running away from challenges, losing on opportunities
this is way too big for me. last moment abandonment of your project or idea
i don’t think i am ready delay in getting back or responding



Lizard brain can engulf you in fear, freeze you and keep making you feel inadequate but not allow you to doing anything about it. It has the power to shut you up.

The good part is that lizard brain only gives a signal. You have the choice to accept or not and decide your own action.

Be aware that you can control it and ignore it, and not just be a victim. As soon as you start noticing this, you will feel how powerful you really are over the lizard.

Have you ever felt taken up by your lizard brain? What did you do?


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